Garmin Dezl 760LMT 7-Inch Bluetooth Trucking GPS Review

Garmin Dezl 760LMT 7-Inch Bluetooth Trucking GPS Review

Driving large commercial vehicles is vastly different from even driving the largest SUV, and it requires a lot of focus for the driver to navigate through roads and stops while driving trucks which requires a reliable navigation system with all the necessary features packaged in a single unit that takes care of all the maintenance and navigation needs to give the truck driver an ease. The GPS navigator custom designed for truckers. The Garmin Dezl 760LMT Bluetooth GPS Navigator gives your truck driving experience an ease that a regular GPS navigator would fall far behind in. Designed keeping in mind the needs of drivers who drive commercial vehicles

Who Is This Product Designed For?

When it comes to road and automobile related tools, gadgets and accessories, the market has a vast collection of available products. Car and SUV drivers especially need not worry about having their driving and navigation needs to be met. Now, truck drivers and commercial vehicle drivers, on the other hand, are always a step behind when it comes to satisfying their driving needs. Regular phone navigation and map apps do little to help a truck driver who needs to worry about navigating that gargantuan sized vehicle through small roads and highways and then at the same time keep in mind a steady pace for their deliveries and also have to plan their stops and breaks along with truck repairs, logs and parking concerns. This GPS takes care of all those needs in a single package and is designed specifically keeping commercial vehicle drivers and their needs in mind.

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Key Features of the Garmin Dezl 760LMT 7-Inch Bluetooth Trucking GPS

The Garmin dezl Dezl 760LMT Bluetooth GPS has many useful features. Here are some of its core important features:

Voice Command/Hands-free Features

The voice command feature lets you keep your hands free to use the steering wheel by making and receiving hands free phone calls just by using voice command prompts and also receive smart notifications. You can set reminders, access the calendar and see text messages all without taking your hands off the wheel.

Listed Popular Spots for Breaks

This unit comes pre-loaded with a list of all the popular points of interest according to TripAdvisor. All the stops like travelling points, hotels, restaurants and popular attractions that are located on your route show up with ratings and reviews so you can plan your trip properly with the popular points of interest in mind. It also includes Foursquare information about new and popular shops, restaurants and services in the vicinity.

Parking Spot Location Made Easier

Finding a truck parking spot is a headache that nobody likes, and for a good reason. Maneuvering your large commercial vehicle through the roads and then looking everywhere for a parking spot is torturous.  This GPS unit comes equipped with data regarding 18-wheeler truck parking spots, truck stops, rest stops etc. which you can use to help you guide in planning your stops without trouble.

Dispatch and Track Feature for Delivery Orders

This unit very seamlessly helps truck and commercial vehicle drivers integrate their delivery order-related communications into the GPS so a text message containing a delivery address can be easily tracked on the GPS navigation system of your truck and easily be routed to that point from the map.

The Pros and Cons of Dezl 760LMT


  • Bluetooth phone connection
  • Good speakers that give you clear sound even in a noisy truck
  • Large screen that makes usage a breeze
  • Voice command allows for hands-free operation
  • split screen mode


  • Trip planning not very user-friendly
  • Too big to mount on dashboard

Final Verdict

The Bluetooth phone connection is the highlight of this unit. This feature satisfies the legal handsfree requirement for all states, which includes the few states that have a requirement for no headsets as well. For someone who drives for a living, this GPS system is perfect for helping make sure that deliveries are made on time, decreasing chances of getting lost or accidentally taking a longer route that will end up consuming more time. The quality of construction and customer support are vastly superior compared to other brands which make purchasing this unit a no-brainer. It’s also great for helping avoid traffic jams and to take detours through roads that support large vehicles. The logging feature makes it more than just a navigation tool by helping you keep track of maintenance, hours of service, fuel usage and many other maintenance related things. It is no wonder that Garmin is consistently ranked among the top brands when it comes to navigation tools. They know what their user’s needs are and they package all of those needs into an easy to use all in one unit at your fingertips. Definitely a must-buy for any truck driving consumer.

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