Rand McNally TND 720 LM IntelliRoute Truck GPS Review

Rand McNally TND 720 LM IntelliRoute Truck GPS Review

The Rand McNally TND Tablet gives the best of both worlds by combining the navigation and routing of a great GPS with the functionality and ease of an android tablet. Designed for commercial truck drivers, Rand McNally TND730 puts all the handy features that you require while driving your truck, into a single device. Not only is this a navigation device but also a very convenient entertainment centre for those who drive commercial vehicles and are on the go.

Who Is This Product Designed For?

Designed keeping in mind the professional or commercial truck driver, this GPS is for anyone who is constantly on the go. Truck drivers have a hectic routine by driving for a living. Sometimes it can be difficult to manage. Takes care of all the navigation needs where phone apps and other gadgets are failing in helping the drivers of commercial vehicles find their way around roads, bridges, ramps, truck stops, hotels and other truck related points on the road. This navigation system is perfect for such a driver who wants a device that puts all the navigation as well as the truck maintenance and road and traffic detail features in one place and takes a huge load off the stress that comes with driving a large vehicle and navigating through roads and sites through it.

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Key Features of Rand McNally TND 720

Truck Specific Features

One of the key features of this unit is the truck-specific content you can use for a custom experience. It also includes a detailed listing that gives information about truck related services like on truck stops, weighing stations, service stations and truck repair stations. The selective search feature also lets you filter out the search for truck service spots by the type of services and amenities you require. Lane assistance gives 3D lane guidance for navigating complex interchanges free of hassle. When you get closer to your destination, the information on the display becomes more dynamic and specific as you approach. It also displays mile markers along the route. The RoadWork feature gives you quick construction updates and lets you find out about construction projects along with your route so that you can plan detours accordingly.

More than just a GPS

All work and no play really adds to the stress of a long day on the road. This is where Rand McNally sets itself apart from other GPS navigation units on the market by also serving as an off the clock entertainment centre. This is made possible with the incredibly easy and user-friendly Android operating system that’s installed on the unit. It’s really very simple with the Android Operating System to put on the latest movies and TV shows from the Google Play app store. You get to choose from millions of entertainments apps for Android that include streaming video services like Netflix and Hulu among others. If you’re in the mood for some music, you can easily put on mp3 files on the play from the computer. For those who are more into gaming to de-stress at the end of the day, there is a selection of gaming apps also available for download on Google Play. Because of the Android OS, no matter what your entertainment need, it is sure to be met with just a tap on the screen, it’s as easy as that.

Wi-Fi Services

This device comes preloaded with Wi-Fi connected services without having to subscribe, free of cost. Through Wi-Fi services, you can get updates about the weather where you’ll get to see current weather conditions and upcoming forecasts, and also be able to choose different routes from the map based on weather conditions. Wi-Fi services also let you know about the fuel prices by view the fuel prices on the map, and also allow you to search for fuel by price, by fuel type, or by fuel brand. Local area search helps you find local businesses and stops like travelling points, hotels, restaurants and popular attractions that are located on your route.

The Pros and Cons of Rand McNally TND 720


  • Custom truck routing feature
  • Info for truck points of interest
  • High-resolution screen
  • User-friendly Android OS


  • Not recommended for city navigation
  • Live traffic and weather do not come with free Wi-Fi

Final Verdict

This unit really is a trucker’s helping hand in more ways than one. The Android operating system sets it ahead of its competitors and gives you that all too familiar, user-friendly feel that helps you use the device with ease not just for navigation but also for entertainment. The custom truck profile feature leaves nothing to be desired by providing smoother and faster truck routing information as compared to other GPS units on the market. Ultimately the cost of this unit is justified because of the tablet and GPS combo that adds ease to entertainment. This dual ease and entertainment along with functionality are well worth the cost and this unit is a bargain considering all that it offers in a single package.

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